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1 9 api 5ct seamless steel l8013cr tubing pipe for octg

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PETROL STEEL CO., LTD is a manufacturer and stockist of API 5CT Casing Tubing OCTG in China. API 5CT Casing Tubing OCTG SIZES OD 4-1/2 -- 20 LENGTH R1, R2, R3 API 5CT J55 TUBING SIZES OD 2-7/8-- 4-1/2 LENGTH R1, R2 API 5CT Casing Tubing OCTG J55 Yield strength:379-552 MPa (55-80 Ksi), Minimum tensile strength:517 MPa (75 Ksi) API 5CT J55, API 5CT Grade J55 Casing Pipe, J55 Tubing Check J55 Tubing Material Price List, Welded 5CT J55 Tubing manufacturers, Seamless 5ct j55 Petroleum Casing Pipe supplier in Dubai, UAE. Neelcon Steel company is PED approved manufacturer of API-5CT J55 Casing Pipe, J55 API-5CT casing pipe, J55 API 5CT Casing /Tubing in India.We produce low cost J55 Oil And Gas Api Casing Pipe but use raw material from reputed manufacturer

API 5CT N80Q 5 1/2'', 7'' and 9 5/8'' casing pipe for PDVSA

material specification of api 5ct n80 casing pipe. item 1:api 5ct casing pipe seamless, non slotted, material carbon steel, external diameters 7 in, nominal weight 23.00 lb/ft, ends design coupled buttress, standard, grade and type api 5ct n80q, supplementary specification em-18-00/05, range 3. API 5CT T95 Casing Canada Steel and Casing ImportsAPI 5CT T95 Casing Tubing is a API 5CT Oil Casing Pipe & mainly used for oil well drilling. We manufacture API 5CT T95 Casing Tubing in accordance with the SY/T6194-96 standard, it is available as short thread type and long thread type supplied with their couplings.. According to American Petroleum Institute Standard API SPEC 5CT1988 1st edition, the steel grade of API 5CT oil casing pipe Api 5ct C90 Casing Steel Pipe Suppliers, Material Grade According to American Petroleum Institute Standard API SPEC 5CT1988 first form, the steel assessment of API 5CT oil bundling pipe can be parceled into ten sorts, including H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, C-75, L-80, C-90, C-95, P-110 and Q-125.

Api 5ct P110 Casing Tube, Material P110 Steel Pipe

Programming interface 5CT P110 Casing Tubing is an API 5CT Oil Casing Pipe and predominantly utilized for oil well boring. We produce API 5CT P110 Casing Tubing as per the SY/T6194-96 standard, it is accessible as short string sort and long string sort provided with their couplings. Efficient Steel Tubing & Casing Tianjin United Steel PipeAPI Coupling refers to the steel couplings that used in connecting casing pipe and tubing. Also known by OCTG coupling, it is usually manufactured in seamless type, material grade same with the pipe body (API 5CT K55/J55, N80, L80, P110 etc), same PSL or providing higher grades than requested. Equipment - API 5L seamless pipe, API 5CT casing & tubingNov 22, 2017 · A53 Pipe and A106 Pipe; A53 VS A106; API 5CT; API 5CT casing and tubing couplings; API 5CT casing pipe; API 5CT J55 STC BTC LTC oil casing pipe; API 5CT K55/J55 SC steel oil casing and tubing; API 5CT Seamless Oil Casing Pipes; API 5CT T95 Oil casing Steel Pipe

OCTG Casing and Tubing Pipes for the Oil and Gas Market

Today, just as in the past, we are dedicated to serving our energy customers through an array of casing and tubing products designed to meet a new generation of challenges.. OCTG Casing and Tubing Pipe. U. S. Steel Tubular Products has an annual capacity of 1.9 million net tons for tubular products, much of which is used by the oil and gas industries. Our facilities can provide a wide range of OCTG Pipe Turbing Couplings, Thread, API 5CT - LandeeOCTG Pipe Pup Joint, API 5CT, API 5DP API 5CT OCTG Casing Pipe, Threaded End, R1, R2, R3 API Spec 5CT Steel Tubing Pipe, EUE 8RD, NUE 10RD OCTG Casing Pipe, API Spec 5CT, Grade J55, LTC Thread Type L80 Casing Pup Joint, API 5CT, DN60 EU, 4.7 PPF Seamless Casing, API 5CT, N80Q, 9-5/8 Inch, Black Painted Treatment OCTG Tubing, API 5CT Tubing - Steel Pipe, OCTG, Casing Octal provides API 5CT OCTG tubing pipe with below range of Sizes. Tubing range of Sizes:1.05, 1.315, 1.66, 1.9, 2 3/8, 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 Ends Type:BTC, UN, EUE, Premium ends that could completely replace the tubing premium connection of Vam, Tenaris, Hunting, TSH etc. Length of the Tubing in API 5CT Spec:R2, R3. Types of

Q125 Material Steel Pipe, Api 5ct Q125 Casing Pipe

As indicated by American Petroleum Institute Standard API SPEC 5CT1988 first release, the steel evaluation of API 5CT oil packaging funnel can be partitioned into ten kinds, including H-40, J-55, K-55, N-80, C-75, L-80, C-90, C-95, P-110 and Q-125. We supply the packaging funnel and API 5CT Q125 Casing went with string and coupling. R1,R2,R3 Length - API Coupling, Casing Pipe, Tubing Pipe The length of the oil casing pipe must be defined when the customer inquiries. As a casing tubing supplier and manufacturer,we are according with API 5CT strictly. Our all tubing meet API requirements. API 5CT Range 1 = 18 20; = 5.49-6.71m API 5CT Range 2 = 27 30; = 8.23-9.14m API 5CT Range 3 = 38 45; = 11.58-13.72m SPEC API 5CT TUBING N80-1, 4-1/2", 12.75#FT, N80-1 - PipeSPEC API 5CT TUBING 4-1/2", 12.75#FT, N80-1, EU 8RD, R2 SEAMLESS, BOX & PIN . Application:Tube for conveying gas, water, and oil in both and natural gas industries etc. . Casing:Casing is a large diameter pipe that serves as the structural retainer for the walls of oil and gas wells, or well bore.It is inserted into a well bore and cemented in place to protect both subsurface

Seamless Tubing, API 5CT, N80Q, 4-1/2IN - Landee Pipe

Seamless Casing, API 5CT N80Q, 9-5/8 Inch, Range 3, 43.50 IB/FT, BC N80Q Seamless Casing, API 5CT, 4-1/2 Inch, EU/RD, Painted Treatment N80Q API 5CT Seamless Casing, 9-5/8 Inch, Ends Design BC Seamless Casing, API 5CT, N80Q, 9-5/8 Inch, Black Painted Treatment L80 Casing Pup Joint, API 5CT, DN60 EU, 4.7 PPF Cold Drawn Seamless Pipe, ASTM A53 Steel Pipe, OCTG, Casing and Tubing Supplier - OctalProject of Pdvsa for Steel Casing Pipe Client:PDVSA from South America Destination Port:Guanta, Venezuela Location:South America Delivery Quantity:280,000 FT Year Completed:2014 Material Specification of API 5CT N80 Casing Pipe ITEM 1:API 5CT CASING PIPE SEAMLESS, NON SLOTTED, MATERIAL CARBON STEEL, EXTERNAL DIAMETERS 7 in, NOMINAL WEIGHT Casing and Tubing (OCTG Pipe) - Steel Pipe, OCTG Casing OCTG casing and tubing pipe used for oil exploration and oil production. Material covers carbon steel in API 5CT J55 / K55, N80 type 1 and N80Q, L80, P110.